dinsdag 10 juli 2007


soft= zacht

4 opmerkingen:

Nat zei

Love this! The tiny hands in the shot looks so soft and sweet too :) xxx

Vanda zei

Wow, that does look soft and those little hands are soooo sweet :O)

Louise zei

awww look at those cutie chubby baby hands... great shot:)

Barry zei

Sorry Ive been off line for a wee while! Love your beans and the angle you have taken them at! The strawberries look Yummie you are right! Great needle shot, love the spillage look you have accomplished! Fantastic LO and beautiful photo! When I left my prompt of stationary I hadn’t thought of this type of stationary, but this is a FANTASTIC interpretation! That’s what I love about HSMS the different interpretation people come up with!! Cant wait till its back properly! Your soft photo is amazing as well, you have really captured the softness of the cushion!