zaterdag 3 november 2007

I'm tagged by bobs
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1. I met my boyfriend at 15 and we are a couple sinds we were 17 so that's about 14 years
2.I love babys and all that's little; like kitty's & puppy's
3. I'm a real morning person ; don't call me afther 21.00 hour
4. I'm a collector (witch scrapper isn't LOL)
5. I love dancing I took lessons for 4 years and I now enjoy dancing with the stars
6. I always sing along with the radio, especially when I think no-one will hear...
7. I only like gingerbread when it it's cut with an ordinary table knife (don't take a bread
I hope you still like me LOL

I think everyone else have been tagged
but it was fun!

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Bambi zei

cool, my hubby and i became a couple at 17 as well so that's 15 years! gonna be 16 in feb next year.