donderdag 6 december 2007


this year we decided to make a gratitudejournal. I chose to make cards in collect them in a little

suitcase here are to of them. de rest can be seen on my dutch blog (english is still not easy to write:-) )

9 opmerkingen:

Bambi zei

very nice quote on the card and your christmas is fab too (^_^)

Jules zei

Love that quote :o)

Diana zei

Great cards Maaike and your English is also great!

maz zei

I think your English is great Maaike. That quote is a goodone, may have to borrow it :)

Ruth zei

Lovely Maaike, your English is fimne, I can understand you no probs!

Jen zei

lovely! :D

Hazel zei

What a lovely idea!

Anoniem zei

What a great idea & I love the quote you posted.

Rachael zei

That looks really pretty and interesting. Love your other pics too especially cosy - so cute. x