maandag 3 december 2007


8 opmerkingen:

Bambi zei

awwww they look so adorable!!!!

Bobs zei

Oh, they are soooo beautiful!
Great shot!

Ruth zei

Aaaah bless! They look so cute and cosy!

Diana zei

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Lovely shot. They look so cosy and snuggly!
Love Di

Aubrey Harns zei

Terrific picture - soooo sweet!

Hazel zei

Beautiful - great to capture such cosiness!

pokettiger zei

Aaah so sweet. This photo immediately brought back memories of when I had a dark gray cat named Merlin and my college roommate had an orange cat named Sir Galahad. We called our place Camelot. Those two cats loved each other so.

Jolanda zei

Lief!! Die van ons doen dat dus niet (meer). Ziet er erg "cozy" uit