dinsdag 21 augustus 2007


15 opmerkingen:

Jolanda zei

Ooo, deze zijn mooi. Ik wou dat wij dit ook hadden. Mooie foto!

Anna zei

What a great photo. The colours are so clear.

Rachael zei

Cool take on the world it's beautiful.

Anoniem zei

Beautiful photo xx

Vanda zei

What a gorgeous calm photo. I've been sat here waiting for a frog to jump out and sit on the lily pad ;O) xXx

pokettiger zei

I really love this photo. Such an interesting water plant. The flowers are so unique.

Andrew zei

Love this and love the plant one too. Thanks for sharing!

SuzyB zei

Another stunning shot, beautiful! x

Eleanor zei

What delights nature has. You portrayed it beautifully.

Louise zei


Olivia zei

Great photo!
I love water lilies!

Aubrey Harns zei

Pretty - I love water plants!

Louise zei

beautiful clear photo, stunning:)

Kate zei

Lovely pic, makes a change from all the rainy one's I've seen so far (like your plant too)

Ruth zei

your "wet" and "plant" photos are wonderful!