woensdag 8 augustus 2007

Plaats in jouw buurt


13 opmerkingen:

Vanda zei

Wow, are those letters in your photo or have you added them? Great shot :O)

Anna zei

That's lovely.

Rachael zei

I loved Amsterdam when we visited last year such a fun city even though it rained while we were there. We visited while we were stying in Nunspeet and then we moved to stay in Noordvick for the 2nd week(don't think I have spelt them right. Hoping to return for another holiday soon.

mum on the run zei

Love your photo, looks like a beautiful place!!

Anoniem zei

Great photo... would love to go there :)

Jen zei

wow, it looks great! love all your other pics too!

Diana zei

Oh i think Amsterdam is my most favourite city!! I even recognise your pic!!! Great shot

Sue Nicholson zei

What a great shot. Love the letters. How clever is that :)

Anoniem zei

That place looks awesome - I'd love to go to Amsterdam xx

Jolanda zei

Heb ik die foto al eens niet eerder gezien???? Wij waren een paar weken geleden ook in A'dam. heb je op mijn blog trouwens het zandsculptuur van Am*dam gezien?

Olivia zei

Mum really wants to go to Amsterdam!

Andrew zei

This is a really cool pic - I like it lots and lots!

ally zei

i was standing next to that sign, last week :) fab photo