zondag 26 augustus 2007


nog met mijn oude camera gemaakthet had nog wat voeten in aarde maar dan heb je ook wat

made with my "old"camera.
It took several shots but then you 've got it LOL

14 opmerkingen:

Diana zei

Oh Oh Oh I just love that. Love the very clear eye and the blurry bars GREAT! Di X

Jolanda zei

Beautiful picture!

Olivia zei

Hi Maaike! I loved looking at all your photos. The owl is so beautiful!
Thanks for all your comments.

Anoniem zei

Ohhh! My immediate reacation when I saw this cool photo! Love it.

Lin (Briar Patch) zei

Aw, he's lovely.

Like your pic from yesterday too. :-)

Angela zei

Oh wow! Super sharp eye, fantatic!

Suzie zei

Excellent focus! Lovely :)

Louise zei

a lovely photo, the eye is stunning against the softness of the feathers:)

WendyB zei

lovely shot, the feathers look so soft and the eye is spot on sharp.

Debbie zei

great shot and I liked your self portrait yesterday too :-)

Rachael zei

Beautiful shot. :)

Sarah Youde (AKA monroegirl) zei

Amazing, I love how the owls eye is so prominent!

Vanda zei

Wow that's amazing. I love owls :O)

Pam zei

Sunning photo. Love how the fence frames the eye.