zaterdag 6 oktober 2007


sorry I don't feel to well
hope tomorrow will be beter

8 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly Maike... hope you feel better soon ((hugs))

Fab photos and wonderful sps once again :D

anita zei

hope you are feeling better soon!

Diana zei

Sorry to hear that you are not feelin well and hope that you feel better. great catch up.
Love Di
Thinking of you

Sue Nicholson zei

Sending you ((hugs)) take care and let you lovely young man look after you.

Great catch up. Fab sp. Amazing mesh and that blade is so sharp.

Bye for now


Hazel zei

Great photos, including your SPS. Hope you feel better soon.

SuzyB zei

Hope you feel better soon xx

Bobs zei

Fab shots, Maaike! Love the mesh one especially!

Hope you feel better very soon. xxx

Charli zei

Fab SPS pic Maaikev - and the mesh one is fantastic - what exactly is it?