vrijdag 19 oktober 2007


it was a little out of focus but so what....
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Jolanda zei

Ik dacht ook zo'n soort foto te doen maar het is was anders geworden. Prchtig contrast in jouw foto!

sharon zei


Kirsty Wiseman zei

i dont care thats its out of focus - i love that played and that he is a DARLING!

Bobs zei

Doesn't matter that it's out of focus - what matters is that you've caught a brilliant expression!

Bambi zei

so what indeed. that is fab!

Diana zei

GREAT he is a darling. (the blue is perfectly in focus)

Hazel zei


Angela zei

Gorgeous baby, and what a beautiful blue sky :-)

SuzyB zei

Aww so gorgeous, and great sky!

pokettiger zei

Catching up. What great color photos. The orange cat - brilliant! Love the yellow corn too. The green leaf with water. Looks like maybe a Nasturtiam leaf? Lastly the blue - so stunning and such a cutie!

Terrie Farrell zei

so what indeed, what a beaut!

Anoniem zei

Oh what a beautiful baby and a gorgeous photo too :D

amandamagpie zei

This is really great shot, love it - and what a cute baby!