woensdag 31 oktober 2007


mmmm i don't know if this is a good thing hehe

7 opmerkingen:

Sue Nicholson zei

Oh this is delightful :)

A wonderful photo Maaike.

Bye for now


Bambi zei

lol ... too cute!

Skotasma zei

oh god, definitely a good thing :)
and I love that cats have that great feeling for what goes with the color of their fur and what not ;)
Wish more humans had that :P

Hazel zei

Terrific photo! (I once had a cat that used to do that)

Deanne zei

thank goodness, im not the only with cats that like to get into EVERYTHING. Gorgeous picture

Angela zei

Now that is the cutest drawer photo ever! So sweet :-)

MommyBa zei

I'm catching up and had a wonderful time looking at all your photo prompts. Good job and thanks for letting us peek into your fave spots :)