zondag 28 oktober 2007

catch up!!!

the lightning in the hall

my puffy in the shower

My sps taken fridaynight with my little friend; she love to take pictures...:-)

SOS it's me; my first birthday with my grandpa

the picture is losing quality so I scanned it its very special to me!

4 opmerkingen:

Charli zei

Fab pics Maaikev, but I love the one with your friend and your grandad - really lovely, and special photos.

Lynsey zei

Great set of shots, I love the hallway one.

I have a similar photo with my grandad. I cherish it also.

Marina zei

All great photo's love the grandpa one, it is always nice to have special photo's I have lots with my dad and I, which are very special to me :~) xx

Bambi zei

wonderful pics (^_^)