zaterdag 1 september 2007


ik kon niet kiezen....didn't know which one was perfect for today

20 opmerkingen:

Kate zei

great pic!!

anita zei

nice lighting on this :)

Anoniem zei

Both are great. I think I like the one on the left.

Diana zei

Oh you look so beautiful! love the lighting!

Angela zei

I love them both. :)

Jolanda zei

Ze zijn allebei leuk!

Eleanor zei

Love them both, but the sun on your face is so cheering.

Anoniem zei

They are both wonderful! How'd you manage the one on the right?

Terrie zei

woah i love your hair in this...great look and very sultry. Well done. X

Pam zei

very good work. I like the second one. You have such a cute hairdo.

Sarah (aka monroegirl) zei

I like the second one too. You are wearing the same earrings as me today :)

Rachael zei

Brilliant picture of you, love the chew one too. x

Nina zei

Wow thats stunning!

mil lunares zei

I like them both!

Sam Morris zei

Both are fab, but if I had to pick it would be the left one...looks a little more natural, your face looks more relaxed! Well done though on having the confidence for a "clean" shot ;o)

Anoniem zei

Both gorgeous shots, really natural looking :)

Vanda zei

I love both of them. The lighting on the second one is beautiful ~ well done you xXx

Joy zei

Both are beautiful shots!

Kirsty Wiseman zei

i love your hairstyle - it really suits you xx

Ruth zei

love both of these. Your hair is so cute too...