donderdag 13 september 2007


what is he seeing? (pluis is his name)

8 opmerkingen:

Linda zei

Gorgeous cat, love the colour. :-)

Bobs zei

Such a gorgeous cat. I've always wanted a ginger cat, but haven't managed so far.

What was he looking at? :)

Anne zei

What an absolute sweetie!!! He's adorable!

Hazel zei

He's definitely curious - and gorgeous too

Nat zei

He is adorbale - great pic :) xxx
Love your Kiss one too!! xx

Anoniem zei

heh! heh! I wonder too what he sees :)
Amazing curious photo :)

Rachael zei

Great shot, your cat is a beautiful colour. x

Pam zei

I have a kitty who looks just like yours. He's a curious soul, too.