zaterdag 15 september 2007

het is zaterdag!!!!

13 opmerkingen:

Diana zei

you are so sneaky! LOL that is a great idea!

Terry zei

What a great idea,great picture.

Rachael zei

Great idea and a fantastic shot of you. x

Bobs zei

Great shot of you! Why didn't I think of doing that? :)

Rach zei

Great idea and pic!

Linda zei

Oh that's so cool! What an excellent idea. :-)

Anoniem zei

LOL... so original...great idea :)

Hazel zei

That's a great shot - good idea

Rebecca zei

That's a good shot.
Nice focus in the mirror and such warm colours.

Sue Nicholson zei

Hi Maaikev

Great shot, no glare and really warm.

Fabulous photo :)


Charli zei

Brilliant shot, good angle and nice to still have the eye contact there - fab!

Louise zei

I like it, great shot well done:)

Pam zei

clever and a great shot. love the muted colors in this one.