vrijdag 21 september 2007


I just wanna know what's on his mind......

9 opmerkingen:

Bobs zei

Those eyes are gorgeous! Lovely shot!

Isn't it funny how so many of us have cats? :)

etteY zei

another lucky kitty!

Hazel zei

Absolutely beautiful|!

Jolanda zei

Blijkbaar staren veel katten vandaag! De onze doen het ook hoor. Mooie poes, leuke foto!

Charli zei

Gorgeous photo!!

Anoniem zei

Oh he is a beauty Maaike :)

Linda zei

Beautiful cat. :-)

He's got lovely eyes too. :-)

Rachael zei

He's probably thinking about catching a mouse! Another beautiful pussy cat I think I'm the only person on here with no cat. x

Anna zei

I was thinking he's seen a mouse or a bird!! Such a gorgeous cat.