donderdag 27 september 2007


7 opmerkingen:

sharon zei

lovely coloured stamp, trying to make out what the pic is of..a wheelbarrow??

Linda zei

Cool stamps! I thought it was a picture of a baby buggy!! You'll have to tell us...

Jolanda zei

Ja! Da's een goeie. Had ik helemaal niet aan gedacht!

Charli zei

Hey Maaikev! Colourful stamp - it does look like a baby buggy!

Bobs zei

I love those colours! Is it a baby buggy???

etteY zei

oh that's lovely! yes i think it's a baby buggy minus the baby LOL!:P

Sue Nicholson zei

Could it be a plough? Nah! I am trying to be clever. Baby buggy it is :)

Great minds think alike today :)

Fab shot. Love the way you stood it up.